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Private 5G
Private 5G

As A Research Organization, NgKore Is Committed To Exploring And Innovating In The Field Of 5G Technology. In Addition To Deploying Our Own 5G Core , We Are Constantly Seeking New Ways To Enhance The Performance, Efficiency, And Reliability Of 5G Systems.


ORAN (Open Radio Access Network) Is A New Approach To Designing And Building Mobile Networks, Specifically 5G Networks, That Aims To Increase Flexibility, Reduce Costs, And Promote Innovation. ORAN Uses Open And Interoperable Interfaces And Standard Hardware And Software Components To Allow For Greater Flexibility In Building And Deploying Mobile Networks


SDR Stands For Software-Defined Radio. It Is A Radio Communication System Where The Traditional Hardware Components Of A Radio Such As Filters, Amplifiers, And Modulators Are Replaced By Software. SDR Technology Plays An Important Role In The Development And Deployment Of 5G Networks. One Of The Key Advantages Of SDR Is That It Allows For Greater Flexibility In Adapting The Network To Changing Conditions And Requirements.

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We are committed to continuing our contributions to the open-source community, and believe that
collaboration and knowledge-sharing
are essential to the advancement of any technology.

Magma India

Magma India is a community of collaborators coming from diverse professional backgrounds of Academy, Research and industry who are passionate towards cultivating environment of open, collaborative and an integrated ecosystem the objective is to build an unified platform where open source projects related to 5G can be evangelized through research, development, education and advocacy


OIPLABS Aims To Provide A Neutral Environment To Foster Interoperability, Standards Conformance, And Development For The Interconnected World, While Attracting Students And Preparing Them For Careers In Cutting-Edge Technology. To Create An Interoperable World By Enabling The Best Engineers, Entrepreneurs, And Technology..


KupenStack is an open-source project that provides Kubernetes-native OpenStack on top of a Kubernetes cluster, in form of containerized Openstack cluster. With a vision of lifecycle management and usage through custom resources in Kubernetes thus abstracting Openstack complexities and automating IaaS use cases.


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What Is The Difference Between Private And Public 5G Networks?

Public 5G Networks Are Operated By Telecommunication Companies And Are Available To The General Public. Private 5G Networks Are Owned And Operated By Businesses Or Organizations For Their Own Use And Are Not Accessible To The Public.


What Are The Benefits Of Private 5G Networks?

Private 5G Networks Offer Several Benefits, Including Enhanced Security, Increased Reliability, Greater Control Over Network Performance, And The Ability To Customize The Network To Meet Specific Business Needs.


What Types Of Businesses Might Benefit From A Private 5G Network?

Any Business That Relies On High-Speed, Low-Latency Connectivity For Mission-Critical Applications Could Potentially Benefit From A Private 5G Network. This Includes Industries Such As Manufacturing, Logistics, Healthcare, And Transportation, Among Others.


How Does 5G Differ From Previous Generations Of Wireless Technology?

5G Offers Several Key Improvements Over Previous Generations Of Wireless Technology, Including Faster Speeds, Lower Latency, Greater Capacity, And The Ability To Support A Larger Number Of Connected Devices.


How Will 5G Impact The Internet Of Things (IoT)?

5G Is Expected To Have A Significant Impact On The IoT, As It Will Enable A Greater Number Of Connected Devices To Operate Simultaneously And With Lower Latency, Which Will Be Particularly Important For Applications That Require Real-Time Communication.